“Help End Childhood Hunger in Snohomish County”

Why Packs for Kids?

  • More than 10% of Snohomish County residents/families live at or below the poverty line
  • Nearly 44,000 of K-12 students are enrolled in the Free/Reduced Lunch program due to hunger issues
  • For many children, lunch is their only nutritious and reliable meal of the day
  • But what happens on the weekends? That’s where Packs for Kids comes in. 

Thank You To Our Supporters!

Snohomish County Kid Hunger

How Packs For Kids Works

  • Donors--like you--donate money, food, and backpacks.
  • Teachers identify children with food insecurity.
  • Every week, donors and volunteers purchase food and fill the backpacks with food to feed 800+ people.
  • The children take the backpack home over the weekend and return the backpacks on Monday.
  • The children experience the educational benefits that come with food security such as increased concentration, energy, and motivation.