No Kid Hungry

From the article – “The Consequences of Hunger”, “Hunger doesn’t just affect kids. Over the long term, as students struggle with hunger in classrooms across the country, it affects us all”.

Childhood Hunger is a Serious Problem.  Every day, teachers, principals and staff in schools across the country see students who can’t succeed because of hunger.

Hunger Affects Academic Performance.  Educators who regularly see children come to school hungry describe a host of problems:
– Inability to concentrate – 88%
– Lack of energy or motivation – 87%
– Poor academic performance – 84%
– Tiredness – 82%
– Behavioral problems –  65%
– Students feeling sick – 53%

According to the 2022 Snohomish County Community Health Assessment –
“Access to healthy food is important for overall health. Food insecurity is when there is “a lack of consistent access to enough food for every person in a household to live an active, healthy life.” Barriers to getting enough food, as well as nutritious food, are damaging to health and can complicate someone’s ability to afford other necessities. Food insecure children are at increased risk of unmet healthcare needs and acute or chronic illnesses such as asthma.”

For many, lunch is their only nutritious and reliable meal of the day.