How You Can Help

Food Donations

Your support is very much appreciated and your commitment to supply the needed food items for three backpacks would be outstanding!  Here is what we are looking for…

~ One Tuna / Chicken Helper
~ One can of tuna or chicken
~ One box of macaroni and cheese
~ Box of cereal or Oatmeal (variety pack)
~ One can of hearty soup
~ Two pudding cups
~ Two granola or protein bars
~ Two snack size cracker sandwiches
~ One snack size box of raisins
~ Canned vegetables & Canned fruit
~ One applesauce cup

Cash Donations

If you prefer, you can make a cash donation directly to ‘Packs for Kids’ to purchase the food items for the packs.  DONATE ONLINE HERE!

Backpack Donations

If your company has packs with your company logo on them or plain non-discreet packs that you would like to contribute, either will work well for the program!